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CityViews 10/11/11: Learning a Second Language in First Grade



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Utah has become a hub for bilingual education, with more schools offering Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese language immersion programs to young learners than anywhere else in the nation. But is immersion right for every child? On Tuesday, Jennifer talks with experts about the benefits and challenges of language immersion for elementary students.


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How do libraries fit into a world with cloud computing, e-books and online research tools?


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    My daughter is in a French dual immersion program and is in second grade. She has been in it since Kindergarten and loves it. When she does not want my wife or me to hear what she is talking about with her friend they speak in French. So I guess I have to learn French too!


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    Brian Jensen I think it’s a great idea. The younger kids are, the quicker they can learn a new language.
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    David Chidester It is a very important issue. The immigrants from foreign language speaking countries are losing their language. They don’t read it, they don’t write it and they don’t study it in school. Imagine what we would be like if we didn’t have to take English in school?

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