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CityViews 10/13/11: Girlhood in Utah/OccupySLC



Segment 1:

Girls have more educational and career opportunities than ever before, but that reality often becomes muddied by friends, communities and pop culture during the teenage years. On Thursday, Jennifer explores why Utah is dead last when it comes to women graduating from college and how to encourage young women in school and work.


  • Irene Ota, Diversity Coordinator and Diversity Instructor for the College of Social Work at the University of Utah
  • Barbara Kessel, PhD student in the department of Education, Culture & Society at the University of Utah

Segment 2:

Occupy SLC set up camp in Pioneer Park last week. Who are the “99 Percent,” what do they want and how can they get it?


  • William Rutledge
  • Tara Marie Robbins
City Views
City Views was a daily public affairs program that ran on KCPW from 2011 to 2013. It was hosted by Jennifer Napier-Pearce, who later went on launch and host "Behind the Headlines," the weekly news roundup from KCPW and The Salt Lake Tribune. The show featured news reports and interviews with policymakers, local newsmakers and
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