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CityViews 11/29/11: Details of a Ski Link



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Segment 1:

The concept of building a tram linking a ski resort in Park City with one in Big Cottonwood Canyon is becoming more defined. Principals of the Canyons and Solitude Mountain Resort recently released details of the venture: an 8-passenger gondola which proponents say would improve access while alleviating traffic. But are critics convinced?


  • Mike Goar, Managing Director, The Canyons Resort
  • Dave DeSeelhorst, Owner and General Manager,  Solitude Mountain Resort
  • Carl Fisher, Executive Director, Save Our Canyons
  • Peter Metcalf, CEO, Black Diamond Equipment

A House subcommittee will hold a public hearing on HB3452 – which would allow Talisker to buy 30 acres of U.S. Forest Service land for the SkiLink project – this Friday, Dec. 2.



Segment 2:

Twitter is full of parody accounts and a Utah woman contributes to one of the best. Anna Neatrour is a librarian but she’s also part of the 15-person team called the Bureau Chiefs, the brains behind @fakeapstylebook. She joins us to talk about social media and satire.


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    For my whole life, government has bent over backwards to assist the ski industry on the premise that it helps the community. That includes various kinds of rights and development opportunities, tax breaks and publicity. That includes the Olympics scam.

    However, looking historically, it seems clear to most of us that this public assistance to a private industry has had NO benefits for Utahns, and has served only a small elite. The ski industry benefits. Lots of rich people from outside Utah are benefitted. But all Utahns get out of this decades long corporate welfare is a few poorly paying jobs, more traffic and pollution, and a deepening of the gulf between rich skiers and struggling Utah workers.

    When I was young I could ski for three bucks a day, while I was making six bucks an hour. And now??? I can ski for fifty bucks a day while not being able to find regular work.

    That’s progress.


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