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CityViews 1/17/12: Kennecott on Air Quality



Segment 1:

In December, a coalition of environmental groups sued Kennecott Utah Copper for alleged violations of the Clean Air Act. The environmental groups claim Kennecott exceeds the dust limits allowed by their state-issued permits. Last month, Dr. Brian Moench of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment joined us to discuss the allegations and the health consequences of poor air quality. Tuesday, Kennecott Utah Copper responds.


  • Cassady Kristensen, Environmental Engineer, Kennecott Utah Copper
  • Justin Jones, Kennecott Utah Copper spokesman
  • Kyle Bennett, Kennecott Utah Copper spokesman



Segment 2:

Majka Burhardt has spent her life seeking adventure. Now she’s turning her experiences climbing up crumbling sandstone spires and navigating through snake-infested grasslands into lessons for improving cultural connections and communication.


  • Majka Burhardt, author of “Vertical Ethiopia” and “Coffee Story: Ethiopia”

Burhardt presents the lecture “Leadership When It Matters: What Climbing in the Wild Can Teach Us About Teams, Collaboration and True Grit” tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Vieve Gore Concert Hall, Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory, Westminster College, 1840 S. 1300 E., Salt Lake City. More information at Sponsored by The Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy.

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    Pollution aside, what Kennecott has done to the beautiful Oquirrh mountain range is reprehensible! The ugly scar gets bigger every year and where a beautiful mountain used to be is nothing but sterile, ugly dirt. I have oftened wondered where the Sierra Club is. I’ve never seen anyone protest what Kennecott has done and continutes to do.

    Where is the outrage??

    the decrease in pollutants or talked about, are they measured against only current output or an overall decrease including the expansion? In other words will the output of pollution after the expansion be less or more than it is currently, nor proportionally?

    Kennecott stated that they are responsible for 6% of Salt Lake County’s PM2.5 emissions. According to publicly available information, this is incorrect. According to the state’s emission inventory, total PM2.5 emissions for Salt Lake County are 3758 ton/yr, and Kennecott’s potential to emit PM2.5 is 1513 ton/yr. This is 40%, not 6%.

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