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CityViews 2/13/12: Birth-Father Rights




Segment 1:

What legal rights do birth-fathers have in Utah? A bill working its way through the Utah legislature would tweak current adoption law, giving unwed fathers more time to protect their rights. But opponents say the changes could dissuade unwed mothers from choosing adoption and opting for abortion instead. On Monday, we’ll talk about adoption and the birth-father’s role in deciding the fate of a child.


  • Wes Hutchins, adoption attorney and president, Utah Adoption Council
  • David Hardy, adoption attorney and past-president, Utah Adoption Council




Segment 2:

With estimates of fraud in Utah hitting the $2 billion mark, a high-ranking official of the LDS Church is speaking out at this year’s Fraud College, an effort to educate the public against scams. On Monday, we’ll talk about affinity fraud and the role religious connections can play in financial schemes.


  • Brent Baker, securities attorney and an organizer of Fraud College
  • Mark Zimbelman, accounting professor, Brigham Young University


The next Fraud College will be held Wednesday, Feb. 15 from 8 a.m.-noon at the University Of Utah-Union Ballroom, 200 South Central Campus, Salt Lake City. It’s free and open to the public. More information at

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    I listened to your birth father story. In my daughter’s case the father did nothing to support my daughter, did not show up for 18 months, threatened to kill the entire family 3 times (recorded and filed with the police) and the state of utah did nothing. My daughter is mentally ill and we were told that if she gave the child a good home, the state would not take the child away. I relied on a Judge’s decision and given assurances by attorneys, spent 100,000 dollars and now my son lives with his father, and grandfather. The grandfather is accused by the father of abuse, the grandmother gives my grandson benadryl and sits him in front of the TV to keep him manageable. The grandparents sat by and did nothing when my grandson was was threatened to have his eyes cut out by a cousin. I’ve seen Utah’s so called Justice system up close and personal. I personally don’t believe a father should have any rights whatsoever, but I do sympathize with anyone who comes up who is put into the lousy Justice system we have.

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