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CityViews 7/5/12: Trader Joe’s/Alt Press Zine Scene




Segment 1:

Trader Joe’s, the specialty grocery chain, is coming to Utah and local
foodies can’t wait. An advertising exec spent a year on the inside to find out why Trader Joe’s is so successful and the result is his new online book, “Build a Brand like Trader Joe’s.” On Thursday, Gardiner joins us to talk about what he learned.



  • Mark Gardiner, author of “Build a Brand like Trader Joe’s”




Segment 2:

The digital age has given us blogs, tweets and video, but many still
find pleasure in the art of the printed page. On Thursday, we discuss how zines, printmaking and book art fit into the new media picture.


  • Mark Todd, artist, author
  • Esther Watson, artist, author

Mark Todd and Esther Watson will speak and hold workshops at the Alt
Press Fest 2012
on Saturday, July 7, 3-9 p.m. at the Main Library, 210
E. 400 South, Salt Lake City.

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