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CityViews 8/8/12: One Woman, Multiple Personalities/Bullets and Belles



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Jenny Hill’s complex mental landscape surfaced at age 4, when she vividly recalls losing track of time on the way to school. By the time Hill met therapist Judy Byington years later, Hill had 22 personalities, which Byington says were the result of ritual abuse. On Wednesday, Byington joins us to explain Hill’s complicated mind and the horrors of ritual abuse.


  • Judy Byington, “Twenty-Two Faces”

Author Judy Byington will read from and sign copies of her book, “Twenty-Two Faces,” on Saturday, August 11 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Eborn Books, 3601 S. 2700 West, West Valley City.




Segment 2:

From The Andrews Sisters to Elvis Costello to Amy Winehouse, Bullets and Belles draws inspiration from a wide range of musical greats and mashes it all into a sound they describe as “contemporary doo wop.” On Wednesday, we hear about their vocal harmonies, guitar riffs and KCPW roots.


  • Erin Haley, vocals/keys
  • Ryan Cron, vocals/guitar

Check out KCPW’s Sounds from the Lounge featured artist for August Bullets and Belles.

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    Holy cow, tell me you don’t really believe that “person” you interviewed today. Sounds very familiar to some discredited therapies from the 80’s.


    Absolutely believe this woman and Jenny’s story. I was married to a woman who was a High Priestess of a Satanic Cult in Texas.

    Not until I discovered animal sacrifices, children’s clothing and shoes in the attic of an abandoned farm house owned by the coven did I have any idea that this evil is real.

    Also found was the drawing of the devil imposed over a page from the Satanic Bible of the Enochian Keys, the form of a baby drawn in the mouth of the devil in the shape of a Black Mass Indicator which indicates a human sacrifice has taken place, three 6’s, altar, horns of the beast as well as the drawing of a pentagram.

    Just outside of this building there was found the fresh sacrifice of three goats and one white lamb. The goats had their throats cut with a sharp instrument, the white lamb had it’s throat cut, rib cage pryed apart and the heart missing. There was a round stone used as an altar. The goats were placed on the right hand side of the altar, the sheep on the left, just in reverse of bible scripture.

    The knee high grass had been flattened in a circle and was soaked in blood. The stench was horrible. This was found shortly after Halloween.

    There were many names chiseled into the cinder block walls of the building. One, just above the altar in the building was Noel. My daughter’s name is Alexandra Noel. Alexandrain Wiccan and Noel meaning NO God. Her mother dedicated this blonde hair blue eyed child to Satan at birth.

    God forbid that this would happen to any of you people who deny the existence of this evil in our society because you, like myself, will never know what hit you, the evil that has invaded your life.

    Trying to expose these people has almost cost me my life. It has cost me my daughter. These people have tried to murder me, have me murdered as well as destroy me in anyway they can.

    This evil is everywhere in our society, large cities, small cities and so many times protected by the very people we look to for help.

    CM…If you look at the ISSTD website and research it’s members you will find some of the most prestigious members of the psychiatric community. Colin Ross has written 17 books on Dissociation, Multiplicity and ritual abuse and has appeared on History Channel documentaries on the subject. Dr. Ross also runs psychiatric inpatient units for DID clients in three states. I am honored to have him write the Foreword to Twenty-Two Faces.


    I am very familiar with Colin Ross. Here is a better link. Read about the woman he nearly killed with his “therapy.”

    His “expert” testimony was recently thrown out of the Harris trial for claiming a man who testimony the jury could see right through had multiple personalities.

    Oh, and here is another video of the curious Ross at work claiming to shoot eye beams out of his eyes.

    Judy, you should do some research on the ISSTD and find why they changed their name. It has a long history of people like Ross sucking women into the belief system of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

    Here’s another ISSTD member Mark Schwartz (he lectures at their conferences) pulling this stuff
    over a decade ago.

    He’s at the center of three lawsuits as I write this, for pulling the same crap recently.

    My question goes to the NPR “affiliate.” Why this Geraldo programming? Why not a segement on how the APA and licensing boards should be going after therapists who engage in this stuff?

    Judy may soon regret asking Dr.Colin Ross to write the forward in her new book. Critical thinking is sorely lacking in Judy and Colin but certainly not in the skeptical members of the James Randi Educational Forum who ripped Dr.Colin Ross to shreds in his thread on their website:

    Roma…Dr. Ross is considered the nation’s foremost expert on ritual abuse. He is former president of the ISSTD which in 1993 in a poll of close to 3,000 phd psychologists, psychiatrists and LCSW social workers found that 88% were treating ritual abuse survivors. Ross has appeared on History Channel documentaries on the subject and authored 17 books on Multiple Personalities and Dissociate Identity Disorder. There is serious question in the professional community about those who try to tear him down. Just why do you and others in this discussion try to defend child rapists and murderers?

    Um, Judy, did you read the link on Ross? Looks like you are posting to “Roma Hart” a woman he almost killed with drugs and repressed memory therapy. She is not the only one. Did you meet Dr. Ross while you were working in Canada? Are you aware of the court evidence against him in that country? There are serious questions about Dr. Ross in the professional community is right…not from those who try to tear him down, but by those who think he has hurt the profession. Did you read the Psychology Today article? Probably not.

    Creating memories of child abuse though repressed memory therapy takes away resources from real child abuse and ruins the lives of innocent people. This will catch you up on the issue, Judy. Repressed memory therapy is no longer widely practiced, Judy. This is 2012 not 1993. Click on “An Epidemic Created by Doctors.” I urge the host to listen as well. As it is an NPR produced piece.

    Judy — If you had bothered to read the link provided to you at the very outset of this thread, you’d see that Roma was “treated” by Colin Ross, and you would know exactly why she “tries” to “tear him down”. Also, in reply to your enormously ignorant question of why one would defend rapists and murders, this is a question better directed to Ross, who, as has also been pointed out, was recently a witness for the defense in a rape trial, claiming the perpetrator had DID.
    One thing I think everybody should understand about this book, and it’s something the interviewer in this broadcast seemed to remarkably miss, is that it is a supernatural story. We’re not only asked to believe in a Satanic conspiracy, but the protagonist is said to have ESP, was born under the auspice of prophecy, suffered demonic possession, and was saved from sacrifice by divine intervention. There is much more here in need of defending, in need of evidence, than simply the Multiple Personality claim.
    This figure of 88% you, Judy, keep citing everywhere only demonstrates your lack of comprehension regarding what “evidence” is. These were not merely professionals in psychology, these were “professionals” within your cherished subset of conspiracy theorists who already believed in the phenomena to begin with. You quantify the number of people who believe your rubbish, then treat it as “evidence”. Not only are alien abduction narratives derived by the same recovered memory methods from which your senseless, rambling narrative of Jenny Hill was derived, but the “abductolgy” crowd uses the exact same method of survey-as-proof. While you ask, “Just why do you and others in this discussion try to defend child rapists and murderers?”, I think a better question to be asked of you would be, why is it that you seem to be obsessed with fictional pornographic tales of child murder and rape? It’s a disgusting hobby, it’s a terrible insult to victims of real abuse when you try to co-opt them into your religious conspiracy theory, and it’s a horrible thing to impose on a mentally vulnerable mental health consumer.

    Seriously, Judy, I have to wonder at what point you might actually consider that something might not be a “recovered memory” but a confabulation? Has Jenny Hill ever demonstrated her ESP to you? Do you have any other experiences with demonic possession that you feel corroborate Jenny Hill’s alleged possessions? Who was the bare-foot male “personage” who appeared, glowing, over Jenny Hill in white robes to save her from the Satanists? Was it Jesus? In short, did you accept that these wild claims were fact simply because they were made in the context of treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder? And are we all now supposed to accept them because to do otherwise, somehow, would be tantamount to defending “child rapists and murderers”? To be clear, is that where we’re at with you?


    Let’s put Colin aside. Let’s look at another of your reviewers:

    “Twenty-Two Faces demonstrates a clear and constructive mind, detailing the horrific effects of abuse and consequences that stem from such acts, an engrossing story that both horrifies and intrigues from page one. Byington offers an insightful and probing masterpiece of modern non-fiction literature; a perfect antidote to insular works that plague the area of this genre.”
    Robert Kroon, former Press Secretary General of the United Nations and veteran Time/Life reporter.

    Robert Kroon, died 5 years ago in Switzerland.

    I’d love to know how a minor celebrity in the news world came back from the dead to review your book.

    CM, Doug…Jenny and I have been writing this book for 20 years. Robert Kroon gave me the kudo before he passed away. And, why do you care anyway? Why do you stalk me on the internet, going into articles written about a book that exposes satanic ritual abuse and write falsehoods about it? Why do you put so much effort into defending rapists and murderers? Just what is your motivation?

    Judy — you must have me mistaken for somebody else. I’ve never defended a rapist or a murderer. However, I will point out that Colin Ross, the author of the forward to your book, recently acted as a witness for the defence in a rape trial in Texas, claiming that the perpetrator had Multiple Personalities. Anyway, unfortunately for both of us, I read your entire book. Name a “falsehood” I’ve stated about your book. Be specific. Where have I misinformed anybody about what you claim in your book? Every ridiculous thing about your book that I point out is FROM YOUR BOOK. Why do I care? Because I feel that the delusions put forward in your book are harmful. They are harmful to vulnerable people who try to receive Mental Health care and are fed conspiracy theory instead. I care because I think you harm real victims of real abuse by trying to absorb them into your paranoid fantasies and use them as a shield against criticisms directed toward your outrageous claims. Why do I care? Read this article I put together, posted here YET AGAIN (and be sure you check out the corroborating hyperlinked documentation), and ask me why I care when people’s lives are ruined by therapeutic irresponsibility: http://www. process. org/discept/2010/02/08/dr-colin-a-ross-psychiatry-the-supernatural-and-malpractice-most-foul/
    Why do I care? Why don’t you care, Judy? Why have you come here simply dismissing our comments as “falsehoods” while failing to address a single one? Tell me where any of may “falsehoods” are, and I’ll be happy to correct them.

    So that we may have a productive dialogue, Judy — one in which, I hope, you’ll be able to refrain from assuming anybody who is skeptical of notions of ESP, prophecy, spirit possession, and divine intervention is merely a defender of rapists and murderers, as you senselessly posit above — let me reiterate the basic questions for you. You’ve avoided confronting any criticism directly thusfar, and I truly am interested in your answers.
    The first question I feel needs addressing is this claim that I have been forwarding “falshoods” about your book:
    QUESTION: What specific falsehoods have I stated about your book?
    and, regarding the veracity of the research for your book, I ask:
    QUESTION: Did you accept the wild supernatural claims made in your book simply based on the fact that they were presumably made in the context of Multiple Personality Disorder therapy, or have you tested Jenny Hill’s alleged ESP? Have you anything to corroborate the claim that she was also possessed by demons? Have you dealt in demonic possession before? Do you have any similar facts that corroborate that Divine Intervention?
    I think these are basic questions that any interviewer who has actually read your book should expect clear answers to.

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