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CityViews 8/22/12: Stay-at-Home Dads/Finding the Next Big Entrepreneur



Segment 1:

Recent U.S. Census data show that about 150,000 men have traded in their breadwinning role to become the primary caregiver of their children. That’s more than double the number of a decade ago and it’s not just a byproduct of the recession. According to a study by Boston College, more men today are choosing to stay at home with their children. On Wednesday, we’ll talk about the rise of stay-at-home dads and how shared parenting is changing family dynamics.


  • Claudia Geist, assistant professor of sociology, University of Utah
  • Ronda Devereaux & Robert Wiltsie, parents of three girls



Segment 2:

The search is on for the next Philo T. Farnsworth. He’s the Utah entrepreneur who built and patented the first television in 1928 and a company called Grow America is convinced there are more Philos out there. They’re sponsoring a competition with a $1 million prize to support budding business. On Wednesday, we’ll learn more about entrepreneurship in Utah and what it takes to launch the next big thing in business.


  • Alan E. Hall, Grow America founder

Entries for the Grow America Springboard Fall Competition are open now and will continue until Thursday, Aug. 30, 6 p.m. at

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    If you want to see more men being excellent dads, ride the bus in the middle of a week day. I see men all the time as caregivers. They are very caring and nurturing. Most of them are covered with tatoos. Of course I don’t know the back stories on any of the men. But it is an awesome thing to see.

    Check out Liberty Park if you want to gather more information about dads as primary care givers.

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