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Utah’s Paiute Tribe Receives Funding For Job Training

The Utah Paiute Tribe’s Koosharem RV Park and Campground has received another round of funding for technical training of its employees. Dave Conine, State Director for USDA Rural Development, says the department’s Rural Business Enterprise Grant will give the tribe about $70,000 to train employees.

“One of the concerns the tribe had was getting adequate training for the employees and setting up a guest reservation and tracking system so that when this gets built they have employees ready to go,” he says.

The construction of the facility is funded by an $850,000 grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The USDA’s Rural Business Enterprise Grant program supports the development of rural businesses. Conine says the Koosharem RV Park and Campground will hire 8 employees, which he says is good for the tribe’s economy.

“This RV Park will be adjacent to the Koosharem Reservoir. To have jobs available for the people that live near there takes care of one of the real problems of employment in the kind of remote areas where lots of the reservation communities exist,” he says.

The facility is located on Koosharem Indian Reservation in Utah’s Sevier County, across from Koosharem Reservoir, on State Highway 24.

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