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PETA To Have Booth At State Fair

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will have one of more than 200 booths at this year’s state fair. PETA’s booth will feature its new 4-H parody campaign, highlighting the meat industry’s impact on animals, the environment and public health. Virginia Fort, Senior Campaigner with PETA says she hopes the booth helps change how the public thinks about food.

“By screening our undercover footage from a major pig farm that documented workers beating pigs with metal rods, sexually abusing them, jabbing them with clothe pins in their eyes., this regular abuse that is rampant throughout the meat industry and we’re just hoping to educate people on what exactly they are buying when they buy a hamburger over a veggie burger,” she says.

PETA will use its booth to screen its new documentary “Glass Walls” narrated by Paul McCartney, featuring “gruesome video footage,” as the organization describes it. Utah State Fair Marketing Director Aaron Rennaker says PETA’s booth will need to follow the fair’s booth guidelines.

“Among the 237 vendors and exhibitors at the Utah State Fair, as with any vendor, they’re expected to abide by the vendor handbook that can be found on the Utah State Fair website,” he says.

This will be PETA’s first booth at the Utah State Fair, which runs September 6th through 16th.


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