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District Attorney Holds Conference on Bullying

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill will take on the issue of bullying in schools at a conference in Murray tonight. Gill says bullying and hazing is a huge problem in U.S. schools, with a national statistic of about 2.7 million victims each year. Gill says some behavior associated with bullying, like assault, harassment or possession of a weapon, can lead to criminal consequences.

“We do see incidents of sometimes violence that is perpetrated against other students and when this happens we need to talk to each other. Which means sometimes we need to talk to law enforcement and make sure teachers and parents are involved,” he says.

Gill advocates for continued education for parents and teachers about bullying, its prevention and prosecution. He hopes more partnerships are created that monitor bullying so children feel protected and safe at school.

“The District Attorney’s Office is interested in working with our partnership in sharing information and also addressing this potentially criminal behavior early on and the more education we can do the more effective we can be as an office and as a community,” he says.

The conference is one of three conferences and training events highlighting such issues as child abuse and environmental crime Gill will participate in. Gill will speak on the issues of bullying and hazing in schools tonight at 6:30 pm at Murray High School.


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