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Alliance For A Better Utah Urging For Stop To Negative Campaigning

Utah Legislators and Alliance for a Better Utah are calling for local races in the Beehive state to stop misleading and deceitful campaigning. Senator Pat Jones is the President of Dan Jones and Associates and says public polls show that people are getting discouraged and tired of negative campaigning on both the national level and in Utah.

“I’m concerned at the result of this being people just finding so much apathy and don’t want to show up to the polls. And Utah doesn’t have a very stellar record especially in Utah County and other areas of voting. And it makes people apathetic and turned off by the whole process,” she says.

MaryAnn Martindale, Executive Director of Alliance for a Better Utah, says while she believes negative campaigning has no place in local races, she says voters need to take initiative and get informed on the candidates.

“We would tell the voters, when you get these things, call your candidate, call the opponent. Ask those questions. Be informed. It’s far too easy to read a mailer and make your quick decision and select that person. There are ways to find out if these things are true and we are owed that,” she says.

Utah currently ranks 48th for voter turnout in the United States.


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