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CityViews 11/6/12: Prisoners as Organ Donors/LDS Earth Stewardship




Segment 1:

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require state prisons to ask inmates if they’d like to sign up as organ donors. Proponents say this is just current practice that should be formalized as law, but some worry about coercion and health risks. On Tuesday, we’ll talk about the ethics, policy and practice of organ donation and the prison population.


  • Teneille Brown, University of Utah Law professor
  • Jim Tabery, University of Utah Philosophy professor
  • Steve Gehrke, Utah Department of Corrections



Segment 2:

While Mormon leaders remain mum on global warming and climate issues, some LDS faithful are looking to church doctrine and scripture for green guidance. On Tuesday, we’ll talk to the president of LDS Earth Stewardship about how his religion intersects with broader environmental issues.


  • Peter Ashcroft, Chair, LDS Earth Stewardship
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