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West Valley City Police Scale Back On Powell Case

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, the West Valley City woman who went missing 3-years ago. West Valley Police Sergeant Mike Powell says police are still actively working on the case.

“It’s been a large scale investigation most definitely so, and it’s important for the public to be aware that we remain committed to this investigation and we will see it to its fullest,” he says.

Susan Powell went missing from her home in 2009, her husband Josh Powell was considered a person of interest in the case, however he killed himself and his two sons in a murder-suicide in Tacoma, Washington in February. Sergeant Powell adds while the investigation is still considered active, the number of personnel covering the case has been scaled back.

“Over the past three years we have dedicated countless hours and an awful lot of personnel to this particular investigation. At this current time the investigation continues to be active but it has been scaled down. The number of the full time investigators that have been previously assigned has been reduced. We do have some investigative tasks that remain to be completed and follow ups are being coordinated at this time,” he says.

The West Valley City Police Department is offering a $10,000 dollar reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Susan Cox Powell. Those with information on the case are urged to call police at 801-840-4000.


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