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Elections Office Releases Report on John Swallow

(KCPW News) The Utah Elections Office revealed the final report of their special investigation of outgoing Attorney General John Swallow on Friday. The report cites five election law violations by Swallow, who will resign from office effective Dec. 3. According to the report, if Swallow would be taken to court over the violations, the court “reasonably should find him to be in violation of the law.”

Four of the five infractions committed by Swallow involved failing to report sources of income greater than $5,000 within the year before filing to run for Attorney General. Swallow’s other violation was failing to report himself as an officer for SSV Management, a Limited Liability Corporation.

This report comes just one day after Swallow announced his resignation, leading to speculation that the results of the Lieutenant Governor’s special investigation influenced Swallow’s decision to step down. Swallow denied that, saying instead that he saw no end in sight to the investigations, and the process was taking a toll on his family and finances.

At Thursday’s press conference, Swallow insisted that he had fully complied with investigations. But on Friday, the Elections Office shared a different account of Swallow’s cooperation, saying he was “inconsistent.”

At times, the embattled Attorney General appeared “genuine and cooperative.” But the Elections Office bemoaned several actions by Swallow’s attorneys, saying they “made several attempts to control or influence the course of our investigation.” Investigators were also peeved by unanswered requests for documents pertaining to the case, even suggesting that Swallow’s legal team had destroyed evidence.

Friday’s report recommended trying Swallow for his violations in court, thus leading to the possibility of removing him from office. However, because Swallow decided to resign, that option is now off the table.


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