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Ride-Sharing Gaining Acceptance of SLC Officials

A car in San Francisco with the trademark pink Lyft mustache.
A car in San Francisco with the trademark pink Lyft mustache.

(KCPW News) You may not have heard of Lyft or Uber, but chances are, you could be using them sooner rather than later.

Uber and Lyft are services that offer what is called ride-sharing—a way of coordinating transportation with private citizens via phone app. Ride-sharing is a growing trend across the country, and Salt Lake City is no exception.

However, according to current city ordinances, ride-sharing is essentially treated as an unlicensed taxi service. Recently, drivers for ride-sharing services have been fined thousands of dollars for giving rides. So the mayor and the city council have been discussing ways to amend city ordinances to accommodate ride-sharing drivers.

But how could embracing this new means of getting around town change the ground transportation business?

KCPW’s Ryan Cunningham has more.


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