Both Sides of the Aisle

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 64 (1/22/15)


This week the gang banters about coach Whittingham and football, Utah’s 20-year low tax burden, Jim Matheson turning lobbyist, and Obama’s State of the Union

Both Sides of the Aisle
Both Sides of the Aisle is a weekly debate over politics, policy and current issues facing the state of Utah, featuring voices representing the Right, the Center, and the Left. Produced by KCPW Studios
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    Dear Greg Hughes,

    I have lived in Salt Lake City for a quarter of a century. My family has resided in Salt Lake City for a century and half. Today, you denigrated my President, my city, and my university. Laws the Legislature continues to pass make my state almost unrecognizable to me. The legislature continues to eviscerate the public school system, refuses to fund the University of Utah, and, then, you, as its speaker denigrate our city, our state university, and our President (he’s your President, too).

    I consider you a perfect example of a carpetbagger, someone who comes lately into our state and destroys the strength of our institutions and the good manners that used to be a part of our town, our schools, and our respect for our government.

    By the way, Bob Bennett, long time Republican Senator from Utah, also has joined a lobbying firm. I have confidence that although his political view may be different than mine that his lobbying will be what he believes is best for all the people who live in Utah and done with understanding and class.

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