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Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski says she won’t run for re-election


(KCPW News) [Audio after break] Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced on Monday that she would not be seeking a second term.

Holding her wife Betty’s hand tightly, Mayor Biskupski said that her decision not to run for re-election was due to a serious and complex family situation, but that it was a private matter.

“As parents we have and will always put the needs of our children first,” she said.

“With that as our compass we have made a decision for our family which will require an all hands on deck type approach. As this is a private issue involving our children that is all I want to say on the matter and I appreciate the respect of our privacy.”

She also she said that the decision wasn’t at all temporary.

“This is where I wanted to end my political career,” she said. “After this it’s about being a mother to my kids.”

The mayor’s voice broke a little while applauding the work of her staff. She singled out the work of the office of sustainability, which has been guiding efforts to move the city to 100% clean energy.

Just last week Biskupski announced she was suing over the creation of the Inland Port Authority, which she has called an unconstitutional usurpation of Salt Lake City land.

On Monday the mayor said that she will continue to shepherd that suit through the courts. However, it is unclear how long it will take for that to happen, or whether her successor – whoever that might be – would have an interest in carrying the lawsuit forward.

Jackie Biskupski, the city’s first openly-gay mayor, was elected in 2015. She had previously served as the state’s first openly-gay state lawmaker. Her term in office runs through the end of the year.

Currently more than half a dozen candidates are planning campaigns to replace her.

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