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Salt Lake County DA Sim Gill on police reform proposals at the legislature


This week on “In the Hive,” the first in a series of conversations we’ll be having about police reforms under consideration at the 2021 Utah legislative session.

At the peak of this past year’s summer of protests, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill unveiled a number of policy reform ideas relating to law enforcement’s use of deadly force. That document stated that “if we want different outcomes, we need different laws.” The DA says that if Utah statutes were different he could go further in holding some officers accountable when they use deadly force inappropriately.

While of some of the more substantial changes listed among Gill’s “ideas” document don’t have corresponding legislation, there are a number of reform proposals that lawmakers will be considering – from use of force amendments to a focus on de-escalation training. Check back for more conversations and more coverage from the legislative session.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill

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