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Residents of rural Erda fear implications of planned development


Empty fields slated for significant development in Tooele County (Roger McDonough | KCPW)
A rural community in Tooele County called Erda is poised to undergo some big changes. The Romney Group is pursuing development of the Lakeview Business Park, which would transform open fields into warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Part of plan involves reviving 12 miles of an old rail spur running from the main Union Pacific line at I-80 to the site of the planned development. The Salt Lake Tribune has reported that the developer and Tooele County have explored turning the area around the project into a 12,000-acre satellite of the Utah Inland Port, and having rail access is seen as a key component of that plan.

Local residents say the project will significantly change their community — for the worse, by forever altering the rural character of the place they call home. Developer Josh Romney says that while he can sympathize, Tooele County needs commercial development to bolster its tax base and create local jobs.

Today on “In the Hive,” a rural community in flux.

Terri Christiansen, Erda resident
Janet Conway, attorney representing the Erda Community Association
Christopher Howard, resident of Gunderson Acres in Erda
Kyle Mathews, Erda resident
Josh Romney, founder of The Romney Group, a real estate investment company

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    You really seemed to be heavy on the pro ECA side. They only won the incorporation by 31 votes and they do not listen to the other side much at all. There are members in the group you had that say they speak for Erda but have never asked any not in their group what the opposition would like out of Erda. We do not want the higher taxes with less services ECA is bringing. We do not want the increasingly bad blood ECA is bringing between Erda and Tooele County as a whole and more specifically the Tooele County Council. ECA just wants to control growth, a good many people involved have lived in Erda less than ten years and want no one else to be in Erda, no more homes and no more businesses.

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