Both Sides of the Aisle

Climate change, global recession concerns and a new poll on the Senate race in Utah


Both Sides of the Aisle – Natalie Gochnour is joined on The Right by John Dougall, Utah State Auditor, and on The Left by Shireen Ghorbani, former Salt Lake County Council member. They discuss the global threat of climate change and the IMF’s warning of a worldwide recession. They also discuss federal legislation to subsidize semiconductors, the Electoral Count Act, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes fundraising for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Secret Service’s missing texts on the January 6th insurrection, the police response in Uvalde and a poll showing Sen. Mike Lee with a lead over challenger Evan McMullin.

Both Sides of the Aisle
Both Sides of the Aisle is a weekly debate over politics, policy and current issues facing the state of Utah, featuring voices representing the Right, the Center, and the Left. Produced by KCPW Studios
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    Shireen’s take on DeSantis included accusing him of:

    1) Passing the ‘Don’t say gay law’ – which is actually the Parental Rights in Education Act, ya know, the thing that says teachers cannot keep student’s secrets from their parents? So Shireen is literally advocating for less transparency for parents.
    2) Ban books – I’m assuming she was referring to the usual curriculum selection that kept ideological stances out of literal math books. Because instead of teaching math, Shireen would prefer climate change lessons in place of algebra?
    3) Tell teachers what they can teach – yes, states literally get to set the curriculum for their public schools.
    4) Restrict voting rights – I’m assuming she’s referring to Florida Senate Bill 90 which clarified and updated various requirements for post-pandemic voting (that to my understanding rolls back a lot of the things changed for voting during a pandemic).

    As usual, Shireen seems more interested in delivering inaccurate partisan buzzwords and accusations rather than accurate and specific information. A classic gish gallop.

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