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Senator Lee Threatens to Shut Down the Government Over Obamacare


Mike_Lee(KCPW–July 23. 2013)  The Affordable Care Act has been a thorn in the side of republicans since it was passed in the first year of Obama’s presidency. A group of republicans, including Utah’s Senator Mike Lee are threatening once more to defund the law to stop it from fully taking affect on January 1st.  KCPW Reporter Kim Schuske has this story.


    Why do you want to harm our country by allowing Health care costs to continue to skyrocket out of control. Affordable health care act is proving to hold costs in check by changing the way Health care providers get reimbursed, do any research on what big health care is doing and you will see that the paradigm is changing to preventative care vs. the current pay per procedure. Look at how Kaiser Permanente has proven over the last 50 years that preventative care is cheaper and has better QOL for its customers. Ask any economist which health care paradigm they prefer, I know ACHA has problems but instead of costing taxpayers millions of dollars by voting to repeal it do your job and come up with ideas to help make it better.
    Respectfully Doug Helms RPh

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