HHS Warns of Consequences for Utahns if Health Reform Repealed

While Republicans in the House of Representatives announce their plans to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration is warning of the consequences that would bring to each state. Marguerite Salazar, Regional Director for the Department of Health and Human Services for the Rocky Mountain area, met with state leaders this week in Salt Lake City.


Council Doesn’t Override Becker’s Veto of Parley’s Plan

In a display of support for Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, the city council decided last night not to override his veto of the Parley’s Historic Nature Park management plan in a two-to-five vote. Two of the four council members who originally supported the plan voted against the override, including Stan Penfold.

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No Challengers Yet for Becker, but Not Everyone’s a Fan

After announcing his re-election plans, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker shouldn’t have much trouble winning a second term, according to political observers. But that doesn’t mean he’s on everyone’s good side.

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Gill Looks To Build Trust At DA’s Office

Salt Lake County has a new District Attorney as Democrat Sim Gill officially took office yesterday, replacing Republican Lohra Miller. Miller’s one term as DA came with several controversies, and Gill says it will be a challenge to gain the trust of his employees.

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Herbert Begins Term With Inauguration Speech

Republican Governor Gary Herbert was sworn in this afternoon to continue his term as Utah’s 17th Governor. In his speech today, Herbert focused on overcoming economic hardships with fiscal responsibility.

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Becker Announces Reelection Bid

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker announced his bid for reelection on Sunday. KCPW’s Whittney Evans spoke to Becker about his expectations for the campaign, and about what’s driving him to run again.

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