Legislative Coverage

Resolution commemorating 2020 election passes Utah House – after significant changes

(KCPW News) A resolution recognizing Utah’s clerks and election workers for their efforts during the 2020 election cleared the Utah House of Representatives on Tuesday, but not before language endorsing vote-by-mail and commemorating the security of the recent election was stripped out.   House Concurrent Resolution 11, by Salt Lake Democratic Representative Joel Briscoe, sought…

In the Hive

Candidates for statewide office: the Democrats

This week, and next, on “In the Hive,” we feature conversations with candidates for statewide office. Today it’s the Democratic candidates for Governor and Attorney General of Utah. Attorney and law professor Chris Peterson finds fault in the pandemic response led by his opponent in the gubernatorial contest, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. Among other things,…

Behind the Headlines

What the Legislature’s choices may mean for Utah

The general session of this year’s Utah Legislature ended last night after more than 1,300 bills were filed, setting a record. Among the legislation was a compromise on education funding, a potential overhaul of the Utah Transit Authority and changes to state election laws. At 9 a.m. Friday, Salt Lake Tribune reporters Lee Davidson and Benjamin…

Local News

Bill to thwart 2014 elections compromise fails

The Utah House of Representatives rejected a bill that would undermine a contentious compromise over elections on Thursday. House Bill 68 would have given political parties the power to decide whether candidates could take a “single path” or “dual path” to the ballot. Senate Bill 54, a law from 2014, allowed candidates to collect signatures…

Local News

Lawmakers Consider Protecting Voter Registration Emails

County clerks are asking the legislature to allow them to hold on to voter email addresses, but keep them private, in an effort to have more online correspondence and cut down on the cost of mailing and postage. Many voters won’t list an e-mail address, because like physical addresses and phone numbers, they are currently made public.

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