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U.S. Poet Laureate William S. Merwin Speaks at Main City Library

United States Poet Laureate William S. Merwin spoke at the Salt Lake City Main Library on Wednesday, October 5 as part of

Author Charles M. Payne Speaks at City Library’s Cultural and Religious Pluralism Conference

On Sunday, September 11, 2011, author Charles M. Payne presented a lecture titled Strong People Don't Need Strong Leaders: Building Movements From

City Library Hosts Pluralism Conference

KCPW broadcast a discussion from the Salt Lake City Main Library's Cultural and Religious Pluralism Conference, called The Role of Youth in

Author Jeremy N. Smith Lectures About ‘Growing a Garden City’

In his book Growing A Garden City author Jeremy N. Smith documents the creation of an agriculture supported community in Missoula, Montana.

Local Experts Discuss Clean Energy in Utah

How is the race for clean energy playing out in Utah? What are our assets and challenges? A panel of

Jonathan Hoekstra Speaks About “Energy By Design”

Nature Conservancy Senior Scientist Jonathan Hoekstra, lead author of The Atlas of Global Conservation, took part in the 2011 Nature of Things

Fredd Krupp Delivers Nature of Things Keynote Lecture

Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund, delivered the keynote lecture of the 2011 Nature of Things series on March 2

Is Democracy Possible In Egypt?

The unrest in Egypt has topped national headlines during the first weeks of 2011. During a round table Friday at the Salt

Politics Up Close: The Arizona Experience

Today, we broadcast a panel discussion KCPW moderated at Sprague Library in Sugar House, called Immigration Policy, the Arizona Experience, hosted by

Jeff Muhs Opens 2011 Nature of Things Lecture Series

Jeff Muhs, director of Utah State University’s Energy Dynamics Laboratory opened this year’s Nature of Things Lecture Series on February 16 at

Dangerous Passions: Legacies of America’s Hostage Crisis with Iran

Dr. Roxane Farmanfarmaian, visiting scholar at the University of Utah's Middle East Center, presented Dangerous Passions: Legacies of America's Hostage Crisis with