December 2012: Triggers and Slips

December 2012’s featured artist is Triggers and Slips

Sounds From The Lounge

Triggers and Slips music is steeped in the psychology of relationships. Like so much great country music that came before, theirs originates in personal mistakes and stepped on hearts. While the band’s music is a blend that’s not quite country and not quite rock n’ roll, and not quite alt-country either, fans of both types of music have come to love their sound. It doesn’t matter if you want to bang your head, sit and cry into your whiskey, or fortify yourself with enough righteous anger to burn down the one that did you wrong’s house after you hacked his email and found out which bitch he was cheating on you with, Triggers and Slips has your number. (written by Brad McCarley)[from]

Click Here to preview or purchase their latest EP!

  1. joel z

    great guys love the music. my brother and and told me i would like a country band by the time i was 29 and this is as close as i come they do have a sound of rock to me

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