Population Could Stop Lake Powell Pipeline

New population projections released by Governor Gary Herbert’s office are showing slower growth than expected in Utah’s Washington County. KCPW’s Charlotte Duren has more on how this could impact the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline project.

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Push for Latino Candidates in Utah Finds Success

Salt Lake City is seeing a large number of Latino candidates running for seats in state legislative races. A total of eight Latinos are running, and six of them are women. KCPW’s Charlotte Duren finds out what’s behind the push from the Latino community to get involved in local and statewide politics.

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U of U Aims to Help Veterans with New Prosthetic Implants

A group of University of Utah researchers are working with Salt Lake City’s Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center to develop a new prosthetic implant that could improve the lives of U.S. Veterans returning from war with amputated limbs. Thad Kelling with the U.’s Technology Venture Development says the new prosthetic implants aim to help patients who may have had trouble with standard prosthetics in the past.

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Obama Appoints First Mormon to Faith Based Council

The White House has announced the appointment of Elder Steven E. Snow of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to sit on President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. KCPW’s Charlotte Duren reports on local reaction to the appointment.


Health Department Holds Outreach Meetings on Data Breach

The Utah Department of Health is kicking off a dozen outreach meetings to provide help for those impacted by the Medicaid data breach in March, which compromised the Social Security numbers or other sensitive data of up to 780,000 people. Spokesman Tom Hudachko says over the next month, the health department will visit twelve communities, offering free workshops to anyone with questions about the incident.

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