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KCPW Presents: The Front Lines of COVID-19


This week on KCPW Presents, our reporting staff collected stories from a few people on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. The hourlong program features accounts of medical professionals, a homeless shelter worker, some community members, and a COVID-19 patient. All have, in one way or another, seen their routinesĀ upended by this crisis.


Dr. Trent Thorn, Dr. Travis Mickelson, Dr. RJ Bunnell, Dr. Brain Zehnder
Mohan Sudabattula, Founder and Executive Director of Project Embrace
Lawrence and Aretha, Salt Lake community members
Sue Ativalu, Division Director of Homeless Services with Volunteers of America Utah
Katherine Allred, Salt Lake City resident

Clarification: One of today’s interviewees, Lawrence, notes that he is living in his truck and not in a hotel.Ā 

KCPW Presents
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