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Boehner, Cantor to Fundraise for Love

Utah Congressional Candidate Mia Love is getting more support from Republicans from Washington. This week and next, House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will be holding fundraisers for Love. Thomas Wright, Chair of the Utah Republican Party, says Washington Republicans want to see new leadership coming from Congress, and support Love as the candidate to do that.

“Mia Love has had a ground swell of support in the 4th congressional district because she has the experience to make it happen in Washington D.C. She is going to go back there. she is going to work with both parties and she is going to figure out how to end this grid lock that we have in Washington D.C. that Jim Matheson has been a part of,” he says. 

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Arizona Senator John McCain have also visited Utah in support of Love’s campaign.  Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Dabakis says support and big checks from Washington are not what Utah needs.

“Washington loves this candidate, there are no African American Republicans in the Congress and I think for the Republicans this is a significant milestone they are trying to reach. But it’s not good for Utah.  We need a bridge builder not someone who will be a puppet for the interests that raise them money and put them in office,” he says.

Cantor will headline the fundraiser for Love October 25th in Lehi; the second event will be October 31st in South Jordan.


    Please give me more information about the event on Oct 31st in South Jordan, Utah. Would like to know where, and what the cost might be. Thank you Lyndi Drews

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