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The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: HIP Talks 2016


The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: May 25/28, 2016) — This spring the Hinckley Institute of Politics hosted its second annual “HIP Talks” competition, co-sponsored by the Wayne Owens Fund and the ASUU.  The event brought together the University of Utah’s best and brightest students in a two-minute speech competition.  This program highlights the 28 students who made it through qualifying rounds to perform their speeches before a group of distinguished judges. $5,000 was awarded to the grand prize winner, with smaller $1000 awards given to the four runners up and the audience’s favorite.  This week’s program is guest hosted by Anthony Scoma.
Below, in order, are the students and their speeches.

Leah Thacker – Mama Africa

Lea Hunter – This is Sexism

Cassandra Eley – Creating Change the Right Way

Nicholas Steffens – Don’t Want to Be Right

Jasmine Nakayama – A Simple Exchange

Adan Tyler – What would you Bleed For?

Landon Henriken – I Guess It’s Not Okay

Jenica Jensen – Party of Eight

Amy Boud – Pornography: It’s Time to Talk

Krisi Penderson – What is Rape?

Sanchit Shrivastava – To the Dismal Science

Natalee Williams – You are What You Eat

Veldakay Boekweg – How To Imagine the End

Kimberly Valencia – Names

Kirt Manwaring – Reclaiming my Inner Child

Christian Sears – What I Wish They Would Have Told Me (audience favorite)

Kimberly Valencia – Names (prize winner)

Hans Liu – The Banana Effect (prize winner)

Dylan Wootton – Seeing Beyond Pink Underwear (prize winner)

Alexis Cortez – Hypocrisy (prize winner)

Hillary Nikyema – The Wonderful Thing About Honey (grand prize winner)

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