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10/18/2013: “Climate One: Fracked Nation”

Today we drill into the fracking bonanza across America. Hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – is unleashing a torrent of cheap natural gas and oil supplies. It is also whipping up controversy. Supporters say natural gas can reduce carbon pollution that is driving wild weather. Opponents say it is causing more problems than it solves…

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10/04/13: “Reveal: There’s more to the story”

This special broadcast will air on KCPW Friday, October 4th at 9 AM and 8 PM.  For more information you can visit Reveal’s Site.

Reveal is a new investigative program from the The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. In this pilot: an exclusive story about the volume and impact stemming from the VA’s over-prescripton of opiates to addicted veterans; the attorney behind many of the worst for-profit charities; bodycams for cops; and how one reporter helped one man prove his brother had been abused at a state mental facility. Hosted by Al Letson from State of the Re:Union and WJCT, Jacksonville

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9/27/2013: “America Abroad: Syria and the Responsibility to Protect”

Does the international community have a moral obligation to intervene more aggressively in Syria? We take a look back at past conflicts – Rwanda, Bosnia, Iraq and Libya – through the eyes of those who both analyzed and experienced these crises first-hand. We also hear from Syrian refugees in Lebanon who are conflicted over the question…

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9/13/2013: “John Prendergast: A Changing Africa”

Much of the news from Africa highlights the catastrophic and the tragic with war, famine, and lawlessness dominating the headlines.  Yet, many of the deadliest wars in Africa have been resolved and the transformation from war to peace and lawlessness to order now under way.  In his lecture, Prendergast will focus on Hollywood images that…

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8/30/2013: American Radio Works: “One Child at a Time: Custom Learning in the Digital Age”

Experts say technology creates new ways for schools to customize education for each student. This program documents the rise of so-called “personalized learning.” It takes listeners to schools that are reinventing their approach to education, and explores how teaching and learning change when personalization replaces one-size-fits-all in the classroom. This documentary aired on KCPW-FM 88.3…

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8/23/2013: “American Radioworks: Grit, Luck and Money”

More people are going to college than ever before, but a lot of them aren’t finishing. Low-income students, in particular, struggle to get to graduation. Only 9 percent complete a bachelor’s degree by age 24. Why are so many students quitting, and what leads a few to beat the odds and make it through? In…

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8/16/2013: “Permission to Speak”

As Burma transitions from dictatorship to democracy, hundreds of political prisoners have been freed after decades behind bars. Many former political prisoners suffer from PTSD from decades of torture, others have family and friends who refuse to speak with them, still fearing they will be arrested. In “Permission to Speak ” we travel through Burma and …

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