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Politics Up Close: Crockett Runs for Mayor, Medicaid in Utah

Salt Lake County can be better managed for less. That’s the message of former county councilman Mark Crockett, who’s now hoping to

Bill Restricts Use of Tanning Beds by Utah Teenagers

The use of tanning beds by Utah residents under 18 years old would be severely restricted under a bill sponsored by Democratic

Victims of Nuclear Testing Radiation Remembered

It was 61 years ago today that nuclear testing began on the Nevada Test Site, as many residents of Salt Lake Cityand

CityViews 1/30/12: Redefining Autism

  Segment 1:   What is autism? A panel of the American Psychiatric Association is considering a redefinition of the disorder, causing

CityViews 1/12/12: Sleeping With Baby

Segment 1: A case involving a Utah couple accused of killing their infant by sleeping with him brings up all sorts of questions about

CityViews 1/11/12: Seeing is Believing?

Segment 1:   Making superficial snap judgments are part of life, even though we know not to judge a book by its

Whooping Cough Cases Rise in Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County has seen a high number of pertussis or whooping cough cases this past year. As KCPW’s Whittney Evans reports,

Utah’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center Prepares For Influx of Veterans as U.S. Leaves Iraq

As thousands of U.S. troops begin to leave Iraq the process of helping them heal begins here at home. Utah’s Veterans Affairs

Environmental, Health Groups Band Together to Sue Kennecott

Several state environmental and health agencies want one of Utah’s largest alleged polluters to clean up their act. Yesterday, three groups announced

CityViews 11/30/11: Child Porn in Utah

Segment 1: A University of Utah professor is arrested on charges of possessing child pornography. A former school counselor accused of sexually

New Report Breaks Down Cancer & Screening Rates on Local Level

A new report from the Utah Department of Health and the Utah Cancer Action Network will help health departments across the state

Mullen Looks Forward to Leading Rape Recovery Center in Temporary Assignment

Longtime Utah journalist Holly Mullen’s career path has taken a new turn. The former Salt Lake Tribune columnist, City Weekly editor and

CityViews 11/28/11: “In Pain We Trust”

Segment 1: When a child gets sick, parents want answers. In Vicki Whiting’s case, she wanted to know why her son Kevin

CityViews 11/16/11: HPV for Boys, Too

Segment 1: Last month, a CDC committee recommended that boys as young as age 9 get vaccinated against the human papilloma virus

Temple Grandin Recieves “Rain Main” Award for Autism Advocacy

Temple Grandin, a world-renowned doctor of animal science who overcame autism to find her success received an award Thursday night in Salt

World Population Soars Past 7 Billion

The world’s population has officially soared beyond the 7 billion mark, and many people are talking about what that means for the

Campaign Urges Utah Parents to “Act Early” on Developmental Disorders

Utah parents will soon have some help tracking their children’s development and learning about the warning signs of autism and other developmental

CityViews 10/25/11: All is Vanity?

Segment 1: Drive along I-15 and you can’t miss the billboards advertising enlargements and sculptings and skin treatments. Utahns love plastic surgery.

Granite Schools Try Vegetarian Lunches

Utah’s largest school district has gone meatless every Monday during October as part of an initiative to introduce kids to more diverse

Utah Leads Nation in Contemplating Suicide

More people in Utah seriously think about committing suicide than in anywhere else in the country, according to a new report released

CityViews 10/20/11: Profiles of Breast Cancer

Segment 1: Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among Utah women, but public awareness and early detection are saving

CityViews 10/12/11: An Alzheimer’s Boom

Segment 1: The number of Alzheimer’s patients in Utah is expected to nearly double by 2025. That’s prompted a state task force

Number of Uninsured Americans Continues to Rise

More Americans are living without health insurance. A new report released by the US Census Bureau shows nearly one million more

U of U Study Says No Link Between Autism and Household Income

New research from the University of Utah shows there is no link between autism and household income. But as KCPW’s Whittney Evans

West Nile Virus Still a Danger this Fall

Heath officials are warning that cooler weather is no reason to stop watching out for mosquitoes. The Utah Department of Health reports

Hookah Tobacco Won’t be Banned in Public Places for Now

Hookah tobacco will not be banned in Utah’s bars and clubs after all… at least not for now. In an emergency meeting

Chevron Settles With City and State Over Oil Spills

After months of negotiations, Chevron has reached a proposed settlement with Salt Lake City and the state of Utah over two oil

Sixth Graders Debate Salt Lake City Anti-Idling Ordinance

Local sixth-graders are joining the debate over whether Salt Lake City should fine people for idling their vehicles. As KCPW’s Whittney Evans

Report Looks at Infant Mortality in Utah by Race, Geography

A new study finds certain racial groups and certain areas of the state are more prone to high infant mortality rates. Utah

Not all Hookah Businesses Think New Hookah Changes are Bad

New restrictions are coming to Utah’s Indoor Clean Air Act. In less than two weeks, hookah tobacco will be added to the