Take part in Spring Pledge Drive

The world has grown more complex, but there are some important things about public radio that have not changed—like the idea that thoughtful, quality journalism can create a more informed public. Or that civil discourse and attentive listening are what gets us closer to understanding an issue. These are public radio specialties. They’re part of a public service mission that KCPW has stayed true to for almost thirty years — because listeners like you have supported it along the way.

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Your support drives this station. Each time you tune to KCPW, you are not only hearing your dollars at work – you are listening to the collective result of like-minded individuals who care about independent, meaningful news coverage and who crave stories that broaden the mind, challenge assumptions and foster community spirit.

Right now, KCPW’s Spring Pledge is underway and so we turn to you to help ensure public radio endures. Please, give today to help meet the spring goal and keep KCPW in your life now and into the future.

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