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CityViews 1/30/12: Redefining Autism




Segment 1:


What is autism? A panel of the American Psychiatric Association is considering a redefinition of the disorder, causing debate and worry for parents and advocates. What would a redefinition mean for the thousands of patients and families in Utah, where one in 49 8-year-old boys have been diagnosed with autism?


  • Dr. Bill McMahon, Chair of the Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Utah
  • Dr. Pete Nicholas, Director, Valley Mental Health’s Carmen B. Pingree Center for Children with Autism



Segment 2:


The VA is hoping veterans will do one more service for their country: donate DNA samples and open their medical records to researchers. We learn more about the Million Veteran Program.


  • Dr. Laurence Meyer, Associate Chief of Staff for Research, Salt Lake City Veterans’ Administration Health System

For more information on the VAMVP program  please visit their website or call 866-441-6075

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