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CityViews 2/22/12: Women and Getting That Degree/”Seven”




Segment 1:  Women and Getting That Degree

Many women in Utah go to college, but most don’t graduate. According to 2009 data, nearly 32 percent of Utah men earn college degrees compared with just 25 percent of women, below the national average. What can be done to get more women on campus as well as to graduation day?


  • Susan Madsen, Prof. of Management, Utah Valley University
  • Bonnie Jean Beesley, Chair-elect, State Board of Regents; Co-Chair, Utah Women’s College Task Force



Segment 2: “Seven”

Stories of sex trafficking, violence, and other abuses form the backbone of “Seven,” a stage adaptation of the accounts of seven human-rights activists as told by seven playwrights. We talk about this groundbreaking work which has been called “documentary theater.”


  • Lane Richins, director
  • Toni Lugo, “Mukhtar Mai”
  • Teresa Sanderson, “Annabella deLeon”


Pygmalion Productions presents “SEVEN,” Feb. 23 – March 11, Black Box Theatre, Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts.

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