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CityViews 3/26/12: Race & Mormonism/Poetry Slam Champ



Segment 1:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is becoming increasingly diverse, but many still see the church as racist, stemming from its refusal to ordain men of African descent to the priesthood prior to 1978. On Monday, we’ll talk about the legacy of the priesthood ban and how race could play into Mitt Romney’s presidential aspirations.


  • Max Mueller, phD candidate at Harvard
  • Tamu Smith, actor



Segment 2:

Earlier this month, 72 competitors met in Denver at the Women of the World Poetry Slam and local slam poet DeAnn Emett made it to the top 12. She now moves on to compete for a spot on the Salt Lake City team headed to the National Poetry Slam this summer. On Monday, DeAnn Emett joins us to talk about poetry as a competitive sport.


  • DeAnn Emett

Ten local slam poets – including DeAnn Emett – will compete for a spot on the 2012 Salt Lake City team on Monday, March 26 at Mo’s Neighborhood Grill, 358 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City. Admission is $5.

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    A large issue that seems to always to get skipped when discussing the history of discrimination against Black men in the Mormon Church is that all women in that church are denied to this day the same rights and privledges that black men were once denied. Why is it that local and national media do not pick up on second class member status that LDS women who are inelgible for priesthood status are relagated to?

    It seems to me that if the past denial of priesthood rights to black men is worthy of discussion then the present denial of preisthood rights to all women today should also be worthy of discussion.


    It doesn’t get skipped. It’s been in the national media for the past 30 some years at various times–ever since the ERA throwdown in Utah. Right now, race is the topic d’jour. The media will cycle back to women soon enough.

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