Jordan School District Votes in Favor of Play Policy Changes

Despite concerns voiced by theater teachers, the Jordan School District Board of Education unanimously passed changes to its policy on selecting school plays Tuesday night, hoping to strengthen the district’s Drama Production Selection Committee. Copper Hills High School Theatre Teacher Jordan Morrell  was at the meeting, and says his concern is whether his voice will carry equal weight as others on the committee.

“I want the trust of my principal and the trust of my community to know that I’m putting the students’ needs above trying to push an agenda or to offend anybody,” he says.

The new policy was drafted after a controversial production of “Dead Man Walking” last spring at Bingham High School. Students will have to get a signed parental consent form before participating in a play under the new policy, which also requires the selection committee to have parents serving on it.

“I’m hopeful after the meeting last night that by trying out what the board has recommended for us that we’ll be able to work on revising the policy that will benefit not only the teachers and the students, but also our community members, where we can work together collaboratively as a team,” he says.

Morrell says board members discussed the vote with theater teachers after the meeting, acknowledged their concerns and noted the policy can be changed. He says their willingness to keep teachers involved in the process is reassuring.



    The board members are cowards lacking the backbone to stand up to a bully who wants the entire state of Utah to live according to the extremist standards of The Eagle Forum. Many of the board members are up for re-election and they are fearful of angering a woman who can do many dirty tricks to cause the board member candidate to lose their election.

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