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A Program that Helps Blind Youth Develop Skills to Succeed

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(KCPW–July 17, 2013)  Over 60% of adults who are blind in the US are unemployed. While the numbers are not known in Utah, there are 37,000 individuals who have a visual disability that may make it more difficult to get a job. A multifaceted project is helping blind teenagers and young adults gain the skills they need to function in life, college, and work. KCPW Reporter Kim Schuske has this story.


    The way to success for individuals is the ability to work through discouragement and despair and see the good things in life. I am happy to see the willpower of those seeking to improve the lives of others.

    I had a cousin who was deaf and blind that has inspired me as he lived his life very independently. He was a great example of overcoming difficulties. He did what most would think was impossible. He was a cook and traveled to work on his own. That is hard to believe from someone who is blind and deaf.

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