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Uranium lobbying, Lake Powell Pipeline and Utah education funding

Recently obtained documents show how a uranium mining company...
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Opponents of the Bears Ears National Monument

Today on the show, we look at the arguments...
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    • Power outage halts flights at Atlanta international airport
      ATLANTA (AP) — A sudden power outage at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Sunday grounded scores of flights and stranded thousands of passengers during one of the busiest travel times of the year.
    • Flames threaten coastal communities as firefighters mourn
      LOS ANGELES (AP) — Thousands of firefighters tried Sunday to shield coastal communities from one of the biggest wildfires in California history while a funeral procession rolled past burn-scarred hillsides in honor of one of their colleagues who was killed battling the flames.
    • MSNBC paid woman who said Chris Matthews harassed her
      An MSNBC spokesman has confirmed a report saying a news channel staffer had been paid and left the job after complaining she was sexually harassed by 'Hardball' host Chris Matthews nearly two decades ago.
    • Trump's likely tax victory overshadowed by probe
      WASHINGTON (AP) — Poised to bask in the triumph of his first major legislative victory, President Donald Trump's team on Sunday was again forced to grapple with the growing Russia probe that has shadowed the White House for much of the president's initial year in office.
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