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Politics Up Close: Jim Bradley, Stephen Sandstrom

Democrat Jim Bradley has been a longtime fixture in Salt Lake County politics. Serving as chairman of the county commission for four

Politics Up Close: Mayor Ralph Becker, Congressional Candidate Chris Stewart

Salt Lake City’s plans to restrict electronic billboards survived during this year’s legislative session. But changes will still be coming to the

Politics Up Close: Independent Congressional Candidate Joe Andrade, Brent Goodfellow Runs for County Council

Usually, political candidates who want to go to Washington pledge to put Utah first. But University of Utah engineering professor Joe Andrade,

Politics Up Close: Winder Runs for County Mayor

West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder is plowing ahead with his bid for Salt Lake County Mayor. The candidate has picked up

Politics Up Close: Legislative Session Ends

The 2012 legislative session is now over. And with no immigration battles or open records fight, it was certainly calmer than 2011.

Politics Up Close: Caucus Meetings and Agriculture Recording Controversy

In less than two weeks, the Utah Republican and Democratic parties will hold neighborhood caucus meetings across the state. There, delegates will

Politics Up Close: Former Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff

Former Utah House Speaker David Clark now has his sights set on a higher political office, running for Congress in the 2nd

Politics Up Close: Western Energy Alliance & Revamping Department of Environmental Quality Boards

A new study in Eastern Utah’s energy-rich Uintah Basin is being called the most comprehensive air quality study ever done in Utah.

Politics Up Close: Sean Reyes Runs for Attorney General, State of Oil & Gas Drilling in Utah

Republican Sean Reyes wants to be Utah’s next Attorney General. He counts among his accomplishments becoming one of the first minority attorneys

Bill Would Create Incentive for Hiring Homeless Employees

Employers would get rewarded for hiring the homeless, under a bill being proposed this legislative session. Thursday, lawmakers in the House Revenue

Politics Up Close: Crockett Runs for Mayor, Medicaid in Utah

Salt Lake County can be better managed for less. That’s the message of former county councilman Mark Crockett, who’s now hoping to

Politics Up Close: John Swallow running for AG, SL Chamber 2012 Priorities

As Chief Deputy Utah Attorney General, Republican John Swallow has battled against the federal government on issues like health care reform and

Politics Up Close: 2012 Legislative Session Starts Monday

Monday marks the start of the 2012 session of the Utah Legislature. So far, it seems all sides agree that education funding

Politics Up Close: Liljenquist Takes on Hatch for U.S. Senate

Despite 36 years in the Senate, Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is far from invincible this election year. He might have gotten

Politics Up Close: Love Runs for Congress, Ott for Mayor

Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott has a track record when it comes to budget cutting. During his decade on the job,

Politics Up Close: Mayor Candidate & State Senator Ben McAdams

State Senator Ben McAdams has been a rising star in the Utah Democratic Party. The senior adviser to Salt Lake City Mayor

Politics Up Close: Sumsion Runs for Governor, Mayor Ralph Becker

Republican Utah Governor Gary Herbert now has some competition as he runs for re-election in 2012. After serving three terms in the

Politics Up Close: Pete Ashdown Makes 2nd Bid for U.S. Senate

Internet entrepreneur Pete Ashdown is once again venturing into politics. The founder and CEO of Salt Lake City-based Internet service provider XMission

Politics Up Close: Higher Education and Teacher Compensation Reforms

The economic downturn has certainly taken its toll on higher education in Utah. Utah Valley University says it could have taken thousands

Politics Up Close: Real Women Run, LDS Dems and Auditor Controversy

With only five in the Senate and 13 in the House of Representatives, the Utah Legislature ranks 43rd among the states for

Politics Up Close: Councilman J.T. Martin Debates Opponent Charlie Luke

In our special edition of the program today, we hosted a debate for Salt Lake City Council District Six, representing the city’s

Politics Up Close: Rocky Anderson Wants to Form New Party

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson pulls no punches when giving his thoughts on the state of the Democratic Party, describing

Politics Up Close: Rep. Carl Wimmer Runs for Congress

It’s official: Republican State Representative Carl Wimmer is in the running for Congress. The conservative lawmaker and co-founder of the legislature’s states-rights

Politics Up Close: Party Leaders, House Speaker on Redistricting

Utah lawmakers haven’t been able to reach an agreement on how to re-draw the state’s congressional boundaries, as the redistricting process has

Politics Up Close: Romero Runs for Salt Lake County Mayor

Since Peter Corroon’s election in 2004, a Democrat has been Mayor of Salt Lake County. But he pledged to serve no more

Politics Up Close: Justice in the U.S.

The execution of Troy Davis in Georgia has people across the nation riled up about the state of American justice. And here

Politics Up Close: Redistricting, Best Schools Initiative

In just over two weeks, the Utah Legislature will meet in a special session and vote on the final redistricting maps for

Politics Up Close: Remembering the Utah War

There’s another tragic event that happened on a September 11th that Utahns are familiar with – the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857.

Politics Up Close: Herbert, Hatch on Economy & Jobs Speech

Utah Governor Gary Herbert is continuing his push to promote Utah’s economy with a trip to New York City. Unemployment in the

Politics Up Close: Salt Lake County Redistricting

While Utah lawmakers re-draw their own boundaries, Salt Lake County has an independent redistricting commission. We talked about its work with commission