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KCPW Presents: “On Thin Ice” (8/17/18)

Water is essential for life – that we know. But the honeycomb lattice that forms when you chill it to zero degrees

Willy Grayeyes returns to the ballot, climate change fans political wildfires, and Mia Love’s misleading mailers

A judge rules that San Juan County Commission candidate Willy Grayeyes be put back on the ballot after an elections official backdated

KCPW Presents: “Backlash: Europe’s Far Right and Muslim Migration”

 Populism is sweeping through Europe and it’s changing the political conversation, especially when it comes to Muslim immigration. In some cases

KCPW Presents: “APM Reports: Order 9066”

Order 9066: Japanese American Incarceration in WWII On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, just months after

KCPW Presents : “DEBATE: Trigger Warning: Are Safe Spaces Dangerous?” (7/9/18)

Long hailed as bastions of intellectual development and ground zero for the free and spirited exchange of ideas, today’s universities have come

KCPW Presents: “Re:sound — The Mirrored Show” (7/6/18)

This hour, what we see – and what we want to see – when we gaze into our reflections in the mirror.

KCPW Presents: “BBC Special: Witness – Pride Month” (6/29/18)

In this hour of Witness episodes specially curated for Pride Month in the US, we’ll hear from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

KCPW Presents: “Polk Street Stories” (6/22/18)

Public Historian Joey Plaster spent over a year gathering more than 70 interviews from people experiencing Polk Street’s transition from a working class queer

KCPW Presents: “Smackdown: City Hall vs Big Oil” (6/15/18)

Richmond California is a working class town that grew up in the shadow of a Chevron refinery. The company ran both the

Inland port plan bridges divide, couple attacked during Pride and ozone pollution arrives earlier than usual

Two Utah lawmakers unveil their ideas for bridging a divide between Salt Lake City and the state over the planned Inland Port. A mob shouting homophobic